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In this blog I share the inner twirls of my mind, dreams, worries and what else I feel like laying on my readers, who are mostly my friends I guess.

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Why everyone should travel solo at least once

Why everyone should travel solo at least once

Raised eyebrows. Mouths falling open. Scared eyes. You are going to Mexico alone? You mean… by yourself? YES! And it’s not even the first time my dear friends. I have been to Thailand alone. I have been to Florida alone. And you know… sometimes I even go to a restaurant and eat by myself. ALONE.

I have had this conversation too many times. Why? I don’t know, but people tend to find a girl travelling or even eating alone unbelievable. You want to know a fun anecdote? One time I went out to my favourite restaurant just around the corner from work to have dinner by myself. I had a book I really wanted to finish and God was I craving Indian food, so there I was… as happy as I could be… reading a book and munching on my fish masala with coriander naan… until no less than THREE different groups of people came to my table to ask if I wanted to sit with them instead of reading… by myself. ALONE.

So I need to take this time to explain to the world why I love travelling and sometimes even eating alone.

Wave that flag of independence

When you let go of always having to be around or with someone, that gives you an incredible feeling of independence. Suddenly you can do whatever you want without having to take anybody else into account. You can have as much garlic as you want. You can go where and when you want. You can see the world without having to wait until you find someone to see it with. Bye bye waiting game and welcome independence!

Meet 100 of different people from all over the world

When you are travelling alone… Well you just have to be social if you want to meet up with some people. Once you do, you get to meet a 100 different people from different countries and cultures and with interesting stories and backgrounds. If you travel alone you get to have this wide community of friends from all over the world.

Anything can happen Thursday, every single day

If you leave on a solo trip, you better not work out an entire schedule. You have to leave at least 50% of the trip to chance. Every single day is a new adventure! Where are you sleeping? No idea. What are you eating? Not a clue. Who are you eating with? Take a guess. Is there a better way to get out of your daily routine?

Time to take care of yourself

We are so used to being around lots of people and yes, most of the time that is great, but how about you take some time to spend with yourself? Take some time to reflect on some of the thoughts or feelings you are having. Doesn’t everybody just love that one hour in the car with your music blasting and your windows open when you have that insane feeling of freedom? Well, you can get that more often than you think if you take time to be alone.

Shit happens to make you stronger

You know what happens when you travel alone? Sometimes you are in a ruddy mess. You didn't’t find a fucking hostel in time. You are stuck in the jungle and have no idea how to get out. You get busted by the police and need rudimentary Spanish to bust you out. Adventure is equal to shit happening sometimes and you know what? That’s good! Even great! We need shit to happen sometimes, because that’s what makes you stronger. You need to sleep on the ground, bribe a cop and get stranded at the end of the world every once in a while. It makes you stronger. And it makes for a good story to tell you friends when you get back.

Clean bed sheets have never been better

We tend to take all the comforts of life for granted. A clean bed? Nice food? Easy and well organized transportation. Clean water. You know… money. This my dears is not something you should take for granted, because life on the road is not always that kind. It’s good to get out of that comfort zone once in a while, because you will never appreciate clean bed sheets more than after living in hostels for a month.

So, did I convince you?


PS: Having a boyfriend or partner is no excuse for not travelling solo. Everybody needs some solo adventure and I am sure your relationship can take it!

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