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On se voit à Paris? A weekend getaway in Paris.

As we elegantly try to manage a very inelegant situation, read hauling two big suitcases up and down stairs and trying not to hit anyone, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude. Growing up in Europe we tend to not realise what an amazing, historical richness we have at our fingertips. Old, slightly worn out buildings that have practically lived through time as an observer of the ever turning wheel of change it’s subject to.

A Roman Holiday - Amazing evenings in Barga

The mountain was overlooking a small, seemingly Medieval city situated in the Tuscan region of Italy. The scorching sun was falling behind the horizon and the hot day faded into an agreeable evening. A windy road led up to a villa, nearly at the top of the mountain. Shades of sunny orange colored the house and glided over the grape vines that decorated the façade.

A Roman Holiday - Part 1

This year I decided to keep it close to home. I always related travelling with going places outside of Europe, but actually.. Europe is very nice as well. :) So this year I booked a trip to Italy! The land of the Gelateria's, of ancient buildings, cucina di mama and amazing views under the Tuscan sun. 

Our London Trip

Grab your plaited shirt, bring your favourite tea mug and sing about Portobello Road. It's time to go to London geezer. So what are the do's & don't? Here are our tips to a wonderful trip