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Copenhagen. Where bike lanes melt seemlessly into parks next to hipster coffee bars.

Copenhagen. Where bike lanes melt seemlessly into parks next to hipster coffee bars.

Arriving in the Copenhagen airport, the efficiency of the danes is undeniable. Everything is clean, well indicated and to the point. Ordenly. Streets are well paved with spacious bike and pedestrian lanes on either side. Huge, blond danes (with long viking hair) cruise by on bikes at an almost inhuman speed. Now that's something a girl could get used to.

Copenhague is a beautiful and accessible city. A suitable destination for anyone who enjoys city trips with a mixture of culture, entertainment and some nice green areas in between. This city attracts a varied crowd of families, older couples and girlfriends who like us want to spent some quality time abroad.

Copenhague is not the best choice if you are in want of a cheap destination. Hotels are highly priced and difficult to find. Costs accumulate when dine out as well as any other leisurely activities. However, if you are not on a budget, it's definitely worth a trip.

At the end of May, the weather in Copenhagen is still painfully unpredictable. We started our first two days with clouds and rain, but finished with two more days with moderate sunshine. If I was you, I would always take a wind breaker, whatever time of year, because I have yet to experience a windless hour in Copenhagen.

What are the things you have to do or see?

Rent a bike. Copenhagen is the best city to bike! Spacious bike lanes and flat roads that take you anywhere you like in the city. We spent 3 days on a bike and didn't even see all of the city. Best way to have a look around, very safe and so much fun.

Go see the greens: There are many extraordinary parks to see in Copenhagen. We loved Frederiksberg park, the King’s garden, the Botanical Garden & the Fælledparken park. You could ride your bike from park to park and have the loveliest day admiring them.

Tivoli Park & Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum - Make a double stop at the Tivoli Park & Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum. It's the perfect way to spend a day that is a bit cloudy.

Book a trip outside the city. We spent Sunday at Odsherred, which is about 100km from the city. (Rent a car) and walked over 16 km through deserted forest ground, wild coastal area and afterwards had a nice beer in the Rorvig harbor. The perfect Sunday.

Dine out! Splurge a little, because the food in Denmark is quite good and you have some great places to dine out. (Ps. Pricy)

The sights - which ones are worth your while?

Skip Christiana - Dirty, druggy little town with zero added value & the Little Mermaid - where buses of tourists hoover around for a picture before getting back on the bus.

Spend time in:

  • Kastelet - walks the grounds!

  • Harbor area - quick stop at Nyhavn (Beware of the tourists) - Opera House

  • Tivoli Park & Museum

  • The graveyard, where you can visit Hans Christian Andersen’s grave & stop in one of the nearby streets for a fun lunch

  • Nature reserve outside the city for a day of hiking (and singing in our case) with nobody around. (We went to Rorvig)

You might also book a boot ride or a ferry, but as the weather gods were not very keen on us during the trip, we skipped this all together.

For shopping go to the Stroget, which is the main shopping street, or go to one of the many shopping mall if you are really want to go wild. But, don't spend too much time here, as you will miss the many other beautiful sights Copenhagen has to offer.


We stayed at the Danhostel Amager, which is great for a trip with friends or even kids (4 beds in 1 room), but not ideal for a romantic get away. Book your hotel in advance, otherwise you are left with the more crappier options at unreasonably high prices.

Any questions, just let me know.




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