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On se voit à Paris? A weekend getaway in Paris.

On se voit à Paris? A weekend getaway in Paris.

Whenever I come to Paris, I realise I don’t come here nearly enough. On just a train ride of 1,5 hours which is less than some people commute daily I arrive at the Gard du Nord in a stormy bu sunny weather. The wind is playing with my scarf and the afternoon sun compensates for the cool breeze that creeps up under my shirt. Tugging on our suitcases filled with weather inappropriate but stylish clothes we cross Paris by metro.

As we elegantly try to manage a very inelegant situation, read hauling two big suitcases up and down stairs and trying not to hit anyone, I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude. Growing up in Europe we tend to not realise what an amazing, historical richness we have at our fingertips. Old, slightly worn out buildings that have practically lived through time as an observer of the ever turning wheel of change it’s subject to. They serve as a reminder of our own humble existence and insignificance.

We arrive at Marie’s place, which is a small but cosy apartment on just a few meters from Place de la République. (

We venture out immediately to explore the city and walk like a few lost pigeons from one place to another. As we have both visited Paris several times before we have no need to stake out the touristy places. We wander through cobble streets and stumble upon small boutiques with pretty floral dresses. We drink too much coffee and eat sweets like there will be none left tomorrow. And that’s the only way to vacation. Right?

We end the evening at a jazz concert which was a total bust, but which couldn’t dampen our spirits. Paris, right? This is the stuff of dreams. I fall asleep in Marie’s cosy apartment, wondering if we really have to leave on Sunday. I could easily waste away some more days here.

Mornings are for pieces of banana cakes and reading books. Afternoons we fill by walking around and visiting the Notre Dame and the little book store next to it. We walk over to Quartier Le Luxembourg, stopping left and right for some coffee or yet another piece of cake. We have the most delicious sandwiches in a Jewish bakery in Le Marais and gobble them up.

After a long day we head home, order some Lebanese food and relax. We talk, read, write and drink tea. A perfect end to a perfect day.

On Sunday we start our  day at Café Mareva with waffles and a fruit salad. After that it is off to the Minime Hat making workshop. If ever I was looking forward to anything.. It was this. We arrive at a small house on the Boulevard de Sebastopol and when we enter the building, it’s as if Alice in Wonderland herself should be living here. Every colour, pattern or print you can imagine decorates the walls, broken only by cushion of emoji’s or statues of Betty Boop.

We are invited up the stairs for a short presentation before starting our workshop down in the atelier. Founded in 2014 by Marie, the Minime brand has made hats for Lady Gaga and William. And now for us. We go down the narrow, spiral staircase to enter the atelier. Hanging from the ceiling are hats in all colours, decorated with feathers, stones and scarves. A sight for sore eyes. After that we work on our own hats for 2 hours, shaping it and decorating it. And to go straight to the point, I am never taking mine off again. Just so you know. An absolute recommend and the perfect ending to a marvelous weekend away. Onwards! More information about the experience here:


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