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Our London Trip

Our London Trip

Grab your plaited shirt, bring your favourite tea mug and sing about Portobello Road. It's time to go to London geezer. 

My bestie and me had planned a two day trip to Jolly old England, more specific London, to celebrate her 30th birthday. We had both visited London before, so contented with redoing our favourite activities and admiring London in the Christmas period. The absolute best time of year to visit the city, as it is covered in Christmas decoration. 

So what are the do's & don't? Here are our tips for a wonderful trip!

Get your transport sorted!
If you fly into Heathrow, you are actually quite far out of the city. Use the Heathrow Express to get to the city the fastest. Don't book ahead, but book locally as the prices are better. Our tickets cost around 36 pounds for a round trip. You could also take the stop train, but that takes around an hour and involves a lot more hassle. If you have the patience/time, go for it! It will save you around 15 pounds. Once you arrive in the city, get yourself an Oyster card! Charge it with 15 pounds to begin with (should last you 2 days) and you can get around to everywhere. Oyster away!

Preparation is key!
Download the tourist map from, and get sorted. What are musts? What do you want to see? Plan to tackle attractions in the same vicinity to avoid losing time on the underground. Our favourites? 

  1. Walk through the beautiful Hyde Park
  2. Tower of London & Tower bridge
  3. Covent Garden
  4. Portobello Road (in weekends)
  5. Westminster Abbey & Big Ben

Leave some space for the unexpected
We were walking towards a restaurant on Sunday evening and came across the biggest Christmas market (meaning village) we had ever seen! Just like that we lost two hours wandering around, listening to Mariah Carey (singing along) and looking at Christmas sweaters. As my British friends would say. Lovely :). 

TripAdvisor away
Find the right tools to help you during the trip. If you want to find a great restaurant, use TripAdvisor. If you want to find the best place to have high tea, book it on Get a hotel deal, but make sure you read the reviews. Be smart about it. 

Get into the British spirit
Ditch the coffee and drink some tea. Lose the American nasality, and go for the posh British speech. Sing Mary Poppins songs, or bring out your inner spice girl. Get into the spirit of England. These people love their country, their queen, their heritage, their tea with lemon and you can get on board. Try it! 

We loved it, I am sure you will! 



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