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Jon's birthday day on Koh Tao

You might ask yourself. Who is this Jon?
Jon is an American guy I met on my first day on Koh Tao and we have been experiencing the island pretty much together. I am pretty much the big sister he has been missing out on. (Something he would definitely not confirm)

​ Day Two on Koh Tao: Dulce Far Niente

Hammock beach is located near to a grand resort, but still belongs to the local people. It is close to Pirate Bay for the ones that might want and locate it. It is basically all anyone would need: a hammock, a great view, a captivating book, some wind playing with your hair and peace and quiet. A delightful afternoon.

Bye bye Krabi - hello Koh Tao!

Reaching the top was quite the achievement, but well worth the pain, because the views were absolutely amazing. The mountain that sports the gigantic Buddha statue has an overview of the whole valley. Palm tree plantations strech as far as the eye can see. At the back of the statue you can view the mountains.

Krabi - Dreamy beaches in rain season

Yesterday I arrived in Krabi, a region situated in the South west of Thailand. Krabi is a coastal region that combines lush mountains on one side with endless beaches on the other. It is the first town in Thailand, as far as I have seen, that sports sculptures and other pieces of art. The best thing about Krabi is the season I have come in: rain season!

Bye bye Bangkok

Today was my last day in Bangkok until my friend Nie arrives here and as I am writing this my train is leaving the station to go to Chiang Mai up in the North. 

Bangkok - The sequel

Yesterday I had the perfect day in Bagkok. I had a great night`s rest, I went to the Starbucks a few block away. (Yes, I know. Bad Evy) I planned out the next few days (Sleeper train to Chang MAI, Elephant Rescue Center, Pai) and sipped my latte. After that I walked over to the bycicle tour operators (Company Van Kessel) and start my 5 hour tour.