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In this blog I share the inner twirls of my mind, dreams, worries and what else I feel like laying on my readers, who are mostly my friends I guess.

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Jon's birthday day on Koh Tao

Jon's birthday day on Koh Tao

You might ask yourself. Who is this Jon?
Jon is an American guy I met on my first day on Koh Tao and we have been experiencing the island pretty much together. I am pretty much the big sister he has been missing out on. (Something he would definitely not confirm)

So my little Koh Tao brother was turning 23, still a baby really ;-), and that needed celebrating. We rented a motorbike, as we wanted to do a proper exploring of the island and we only rented one as my dear little brother is on a budget. We started the day with a full English breakfast at Zest on Sairee beach (party beach). For merely 150 baht, which is less than 4 euro, he had himself a proper birthday breakfast.

After that we decided we wanted to go the viewpoints in the mountains on Koh Tao. Coco had warned us against them, because they are hard to reach, but when a man has a destination in mind there is really nothing you can do. So we battle our first dusty road to the viewpoint resort that overlooked the Nangyuan Island. I must admit it was nice. The weather was against us once more, but that would never cramp our style. ;-)

After that Jon wanted to head to the Mango viewpoint high upon the mountain. The road started off pretty steep but do-able, but it was not long before I found myself jumping off the motorbike every few minutes because it's horsepower really couldn't support the both of us. So there I was... climbing dusty mountain roads full of holes in flip flops and a skirt while Jon drove by on the bike. He is lucky I like him so much. I was making a spectacle of myself to all the locals flying by on their bikes, but at least I was worth a nice broad smile on their faces.
The viewpoint was amazing, even in the rain, but I am not sure I would recommend the trip. And if you go, for god's sake get a bike each!

After that we deserved a relaxing swim. So time to look up that infinity pool we have heard so much about. Really I can just let the pictures speak for themselves...

In the evening we went to a celebration dinner consisting of a Korean bbq in the company of Coco and her boyfriend Dan. Korean bbq is basically frying pieces of meat and fish on a fire surrounded by a vegetable broth. That accompanied with some rum mixers was just perfect. Back at the hostel Coco had bought a little muffin with a candle on it and Jon was pretty close to tears. (He would deny it again)

In the evening we visited Sairee beach for its real purpose, a nice beach party. However, I cannot disclose anything. Never kiss and tell.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday dear.


​ Day Two on Koh Tao: Dulce Far Niente

​ Day Two on Koh Tao: Dulce Far Niente