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In this blog I share the inner twirls of my mind, dreams, worries and what else I feel like laying on my readers, who are mostly my friends I guess.

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Bangkok - The sequel

Bangkok - The sequel

Yesterday I had the perfect day in Bagkok. I had a great night`s rest, I went to the Starbucks a few block away. (Yes, I know. Bad Evy) I planned out the next few days (Sleeper train to Chang Mai, Elephant Rescue Center, Pai) and sipped my latte. After that I walked over to the bycicle tour operators (Company Van Kessel) and start my 5 hour tour.

Ten of us on Dutch bikes navigating through tiny streets and markets must have been a funny sight, because I never had so many people wave at me before. We rode our bikes for a good 3 hours, floated through the canals on a cruiser boat and had a great Thai meal. We manoeuvred through people`s houses, risked our lives at Chinatown with the crazy traffic and drove through the banana plantations (where apparently the cobra`s are plenty and you do not want to step off the road). I was totally worn out, but it was a really great experience. 

After the tour I rushed home by Tuk Tuk and changed as quickly as I could. I took a cold shower (really needed here), put on a dress and rushed back out. I took the Tuk Tuk to the pier and then a boat to the Asiatique River Pier where I had a dinner date with 6 Thai ladies. Our Thai distributor from work had invited me for dinner as they had learned I was staying in Bangkok. (Little birdy called me told them :) )The six ladies were all one head smaller than me and had the best names: Tulip (I knew her), Montana, Mint, Chang, Maria and one girl whose name I can`t remember for the life of me. 

We went to a Thai place and they ordered a bunch of stuff for me to try. One a little spicier than the other. They told me `We eat spicy to stay thin, it keeps everything flowing` (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) If only I had known earlier. After dinner we went to eat mango and sticky rice (delicious) and after that I bought them a mocktail. (No alcohol) Which they never had before. A lot of giggles and passing around the colourful drinks as a result. Then I showed them pictures of all my colleagues from work which they had never seen, but had sent so many e-mails with and this was quite the experience as well. 

THEM: Can you show me a picture or Ludi?
THEM: Ludi!!
ME: I don`t know who that is.
THEM: Yes, you know Ludi. From spale palts.
[10 seconds later] 
ME: Oooh you mean Rudy? From spare parts?

(Followed by a lot of laughter ;) ) 

After that I took a cab home and learned they are way (WAY) cheaper than the Tuk Tuk`s and even more important (air conditioned!!)

What did I learn that day?

* Take a Tuk Tuk one time for kicks, then just take the taxi, because it is way cheaper. (Always ask to put the meter on though)
* Thai girls want to be as white as possible. They don`t go out in the sun without a parasol, long sleeves and a whole lot of sunscreen. White skin means high class, tanned skin means low class, because they would work out in the field. 
* The stick that I mentioned before that people keep sniffing is Eucalyptus. 
* Thailand is also full of Chinese tourists, which they don`t like. Apparently

In short, another great day in Bangkok!


Bye bye Bangkok

Bye bye Bangkok

Day 1 in Thailand - Bedazzling Bangkok

Day 1 in Thailand - Bedazzling Bangkok