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In this blog I share the inner twirls of my mind, dreams, worries and what else I feel like laying on my readers, who are mostly my friends I guess.

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Drive Your Own Success And Happiness

Drive Your Own Success And Happiness

As a coach in gymnastics we learn from an early stage on how important the 'success experiences' are of our gymnasts. Not only in competition, but on a daily basis.They are a stepping stone to more determination, interest and in the end, more success. So it is in the key interest of ourselves and our gymnasts that we don't let them drive themselves into a wall time and again. We push and we reward. Success is an essential part of our coaching.

This principle can be applied in many ways to our day to day lives. At work, in our daily routines, in our health, in our families we need to experience success to be happy. I think we have 6 different areas of our lives we want to experience success in: work/school, friends/family, personal development, financial stability, health & partnership. 

In the work/school area we need to feel accomplished as a success experience, in the friends/family section I would say we need to feel accepted and loved. In the personal development section I would say we need to feel challenged and interested. It needs to spark a fire and keep our inner selves nourished. Whether its with sports, meditation, reading, languages or other hobbies.

Financial stability is one we can all relate too. Money might not make you happy, but financial stability is key to our success. Whether you live in Hollywood and need to support the related lifestyle or whether you live in the suburbs or Rio. Financial stability that suits your environment. Health... a difficult one perhaps. Part of our health progression we cannot control, but we do need the feeling of being healthy to be successful. Finally, partnership, the feeling of being connected emotionally and sexually is one most of us can relate to. What we seek in a partner can be as versified as anything, but mostly it would be someone who understands your nonsense.

In my opinion we need a feeling of success in at least 4 out of 6 areas to feel contented. When we feel out of balance in several of these areas, we get the feeling of unaccomplishment and unfulfillment. The general idea of a 'succesful' person is someone who bodes well in all of these areas.

So if you are experiencing unhappiness or depression, unfulfillment or loneliness, you could try and improve this by managing your own success experiences. Little rewards or approval you give to yourself for a hurdle you have taken or a challenge you have dealt with. The feeling of success is not a gift thrown in our laps as we often assume, but hard work on an ever changing road. My mom always said if life gives you lemons, you better learn how to make some lemonade. Easier said then done of course!

Think about what areas of your life you are happy with. How would you rate them from 1 to 5? Which areas would you want to improve? And how could you make yourself feel more 'successful' in them?

If you are lacking a personal challenge, what is keeping you from finding a new hobby? You will for sure not find it in one trial, so be sure to reward yourself for actively searching. If you go an try something new, try and link it with something you already like. This will keep you motivated to try again.

If you are lacking financial stability, try and find inventive solutions for saving more and make a sport out of it. Do not pity yourself too much, as this will be for sure a show stopper. Maybe life has dealt you a bad card, but however unfair this is, it will not get better by sitting around complaining. (Cheat days are aloud though :))

Success is not a given. Happiness is  not a given. Reward yourself for every little step you take on the path of success. Whether its a walk in the park, a compliment you give yourself, a chai latte or that new shirt you have wanted for so long. Rome wasn't built in a day, but you need to be picking up bricks every day to make it work eventually.

Work in progress myself :)


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