So what do you look for in a relationship?

Now, from my single’s point of view, I am making a list of everything a person could be to me. A shoulder to cry one,  someone who makes me laugh, someone who likes to travel, etc. And starting from an ‘I want’ perspective might be the opposite thing that we need to do. So I started thinking of all the things I wanted to be for another person.

A little more kindness, a little less judgement

Do I judge my friends for leading different lives? I didn’t think so, but maybe my jokes about this kid friendly vacation revealed a judgement of some sort? A comparison that I thought I wasn’t making? I live a distinctly different life than most of my friends as they all have a family. This shifts your focus in life. And when you lead completely different types of lives, is staying friends just a little bit harder?

What you need to know about privilege

Every day we are doing things we take for granted that other people are dreaming of. And that simple realisation made me feel immensely guilty. Why me? For sure there are many other talented, kind and smart people who deserve it too, but that is a reality I can’t change.

What can I change? My thankfulness. My kindness. My gratitude.

Day 1460 in the search for love

Is the 5th pillar the one ‘ring’ to rule them all? Is life really defined by whether or not you find love? Even though you can be amazingly happy in all other pillars? It feels like it. And I am so tired of it. Why aren’t there any movies of women and men travelling the world and loving their jobs with the happy end of dying alone?

What teaching gymnastics taught me about leadership

Now apart from being completely frightening, leadership is also amazingly rewarding. Think about the impact some of your leaders have had on your life. That one manager. That one teacher. And how they have impacted your life. Now, wouldn’t it be amazing to be just like them?  

What is success in life and how do we measure it?

You want a shocking number?

When it comes to extreme averages, teenagers take the prize. Their daily average time spent on social media is nine hours a day. That's longer than most people spend sleeping or in school.

Think of how they could spend this time. Working on what they define as a successful life. No one will ever remember that one great day where I spent 9 hours on Instagram. Will they?

What is true female power?

I am what my ex-boyfriends like to call ‘a true feminist’, you know one of those girls that men really hate and fear, because they take everything ridiculously far. Now, I have to admit I might be a big believer in women’s rights, but I think women most of all shoot themselves in the foot. We might be the least supportive of our gender. How is that possible?

Falling is love sounds easy, right?

If you don’t fall in love easily, you find that stepping into relationships might be more of a rational thing you decide. You ask for yourself if you like the person, if you think he or she is compatible and if you might have the possibility of any kind of future together.