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In this blog I share the inner twirls of my mind, dreams, worries and what else I feel like laying on my readers, who are mostly my friends I guess.

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Reading Is Like Having A Love Affair.

Reading Is Like Having A Love Affair.

You could find me in a library roaming aisles of books sniffing pages. You could find me in a cozy coffee shop absolutely absorbed by the pages in my hand. You could find me in bed at 9 PM with a cup of tea trying 10 different reading positions while trying not to get a soar neck.To put it plainly: I love reading. 

Now if you are a book fanatic like myself you will not need persuading, but if you are not.. well here are some reasons you should try it, however boring you might think it is, it is actually a lot like a love affair. 

Probably you are one of those people who say 'I will just watch the movie' or 'I do not have time to waste on books' or 'I prefer going out with my friends to reading... alone'. I understand completely my friend..., but you are so wrong! :)

The 'I will just watch the movie' type -  The quicky

Of course movies are great, no argument here, but you are missing so much! A movie can never bring you the complete storyline, nor the nuances of the book and you are also missing out on digging into the biggest database of all: your imagination. You will miss the emotions the characters felt, you will miss the smart twists. Basically you will miss all of the foreplay and go straight to the climax. Sure that's nice sometimes, but really.. you are missing out on a lot. 

The 'I do not have time to read books' type - The love affair

Sure you know that is a total lie. We always have time for something we care about. Believe me, even as a book lover we sometimes resort to the 'time excuse' when we are in fear of starting a new book, just because we loved the previous one sooo much or we are still heartbroken by the ending of the previous book. 

Starting a new book is like starting a new love affair, committing to something you only had glances of. The book cover needs to be attractive, as you want your new partner to be as well. You need to like the general storyline, that is similar to going on a first date. The book/person has to appeal to you in general, and really it is often a gut feeling. When you start to plunge into the first chapter with high expectations, this would be like the first time you have sex. Either it is exciting and you want for more, or it leaves you lukewarm and you try another chapter, or it totally repels you and you disregard it all together. 

If it excites you, you go on the roller coaster ride. During the ride you will have moments to cherish, exciting new developments, characters you don't care for and those who win your heart. You will go back and forth emotionally and you will never know what twists are up next. In the end you will be either smitten forever or totally ruined by the end. Sounds so familiar.

The 'I prefer going out with my friends to reading... alone' type - The 'I don't want a relation'

You prefer going out with your friends to being alone. While reading, my love, you are never ever alone. You are surrounded by the most vivid characters possible. The I don't want a relation type is afraid to commit. Fearing the (time) commitment a book/lover asks, as you never know what you are getting into. You are probably afraid. Afraid of missing out on other exciting things (both book- and relationshipwise), because you are sure you haven't explored every patch of green grass and you see a nice one outside... :). You probably have been hurt before - a previous relationship or you read a book once you didn't like and it was a complete waste of time. 

Well, my love, commitment can be totally scary. (I still watch reruns of every series I liked, often instead of starting a new one) But you have to try! Everything you want is on the other side of fear. So read that book and ride that roller coaster, you never know where you might end up!

In the end, reading is like living a thousand lives. Like having a thousand love affairs. It makes you feel alive and keeps you hungry. It sparks the imagination and makes you crave for more. It's like meeting a thousand people and living their stories. It is a world of inspiration, life lessons. Like picking the brains of a thousand people for their souls' journey... 

Check my beginners book list soon to help you on the way.


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