And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini

And the mountains echoed is the 3rd novel by Khaled Hosseini, and in my very humble opinion, the best one. The whole array of emotions we feel in life finds its way into your heart while reading with the sense of family at the very heart of the story.

Memoires of a geisha

You get a glimpse of (widely accepted & portayed) history of Japan, mixed in with real human emotions and circumstances. In the end, you might only need a couple of day or a week to finish it and then it is well worth your time.

We are Pages & Pie

We are Pages & Pie, a book club or quartet that originates from 4 friends sharing a passion for books. We started our book club 3 years ago on a grim Sunday afternoon.

Why Jane Austen And I Go Way Back.

Jane Austen and I go way back. My love for Jane's books is rooted and connected to my fondness for reading. If ever I need the comfort of a book to escape, I turn to Jane or to Harry. My literary pieces of chocolate on a gloomy day.

Reading Is Like Having A Love Affair.

You could find me in a library roaming aisles of books sniffing pages. You could find me in a cozy coffee shop absolutely absorbed by the pages in my hand. You could find me in bed at 9 PM with a cup of tea trying 10 different reading positions while trying not to get a soar neck.To put it plainly: I love reading. 

The Beginner's Book List

As promised I list here my beginner's book list. Or 3 books I recommend per listed genre. These are pretty popular books that will get you started. Of course this is sourced from my own experience  - overly sci-fi and girly - Not to your liking? No worries, you can find all you need on Goodreads!