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A 2,5 week itinerary to Mexico

A 2,5 week itinerary to Mexico

Day 1 - Arrived in Cancun

What? Arrived 21.00 PM and slept at the Amarte Marona Hotel (21/10)

Accomodation: Amarte Marona Hotel
Price:Cost around 50 euros
Positive: Nice rooms, beautiful garden
Negative: Bad wifi, outside of Cancun, bad breakfast, no views
Good to know: It's a 60 USD cab ride from the airport
Advice: Better take a hotel/hostel in the hotel region near the coast, Cancun center or Isla Mujeres

Day 2 & Day 3 - Isla Mujeres

What? Took white public transport van for 21 pesos & then booked the Ultramar to Isla Mujeres.The second day I stayed at the hostel and did some diving. (100 USD)

Accomodation: Poc na hostel
Price:230 MXN
Positive: Good value for money, nice atmosphere (hammocks on the beach) & breakfast
Negative: Don't go diving with the hostel, there are better options
Advice: Recommend this hostel, good vibes

Day 4 - Valladolid + Chichen Izta

What? Took the Ultramar back to Cancun & went to pick up rental car from Adocar (local company - good prices & service). Drove to Valladolid. Great little town. Drove onto Chichzen Itza.

Accomodation: Okaan Hotel
Price:1632 MXN
Positive: We loved this hotel. LOVED. Middle of the jungle with an amazing rooftop. Amazing breakfast.
Negative: Very difficult to find in the dark
Good to know: Extremely close to Chichzen Itza & nice swimming pool
Advice: Recommend this hotel so much.

Day 5 - Il Kil, Chichzen Itza & Merida

What? We went to cenote Il Kil, Chichzen Itza & Merida.

Accomodation: Nomade Hostel
Price:300 MXN
Positive: Very nice hostel. Middle of the center. Lots of extra activities. Good swimming pool.
Negative: A lot of noise & mediocre breakfast
Good to know: Il Kil is a tourist trap. Don't go there. I liked Chichen Itza, but it is also a tourist trap. Bring water inside & go very early or near 4 in the afternoon. Merida is well worth a longer stay.
Advice: Palenque is nicer than chichen itza and much less crowdy

Day 6 - Celestun + Campeche

What? Went to the nature reserve of Celestun, booked a local kayak tour en drove on to campeche

Accomodation: Viatger Inn
Price:300 MXN
Positive: Nice hostel, but quiet hostel. Middle of the center. Campeche is a treat & Celestun is also worthwhile. In the right season you can see flamingoes and crocs.
Negative: It a bumpy ride to celestun & does slow you down quite a bit.
Advice: Booked a local kayak tour with Manglares de Dzinitun - Recommend 800 MXN

Day 7 - Ride to Palenque

What? In the morning visited the beautiful Campeche, with a its colourful houses.

Accomodation: Yaxkin Hostel
Price:300 MXN
Positive: Nice hostel with a good breakfast. Close to the center
Negative: The rooms could be cleaner.
Good to know: The Palenque ruins are great and Palenque is a great starting point to visit the Misol Ha waterfalls, the Agua Azules and the Roberto Barrios waterfalls.
Advice: Stay in Palenque as long a possible. It's a great place.

Day 8 - Palenque

What? Visit to the Misol Ha waterfalls & the Roberto Barrio Waterfalls

Accomodation: Yaxkin Hostel
Advice: Skip the Agua Azules & just visit Roberto Barrios

Day 9 - San Cristobal

What? Visit to the Misol Ha waterfalls & the Roberto Barrio Waterfalls

Accomodation: Hostalito 14
Price:400 MXN
Positive: Nice hostel, right in the centre. Best location ever.
Negative: It's too quiet & not easy to park the car.
Good to know: San Cristobal is a lot more touristy.
Advice: Go out in the evenings. Many great bars. VIsit el canon del sumidero. Go to the local mercado. There is a touristy one with sweaters & gifts, but also visit the local one with all the food.

Day 10 - San Cristobal

What? Had breakfast at a nice place, went to the mercado, cooked some gambas

Accomodation: Planet hostel
Positive: Nice hostel, amazing pancake breakfast.
Negative: Too mich noise, not in the centre.
Advice: Book some tours in nature. Walks or mountain biking trips

Day 11 - Chekumal

What? Long, long drive from San Cristobal

Accomodation: Valentin Natural
Positive: Nice, quiet camping
Negative: a lot of mosquitoes & not toomuch luxury
Advice: Get up really early to visit the ruins or don't stop at this place at all.

Day 12 - Bacalar

What? Nice day at the lake, and some bar hopping in the evening. Bacalar is only around 3 hours from Tulum, but it is a world of difference. Much less touristy.

Accomodation: Yak lake hostel
Positive: Great hostel. Nice rooms, decent breakfast. A little hipster & a little more expensive
Negative: More expensive at 500 MXN
Advice: Hang out. Don't do too much at Bacalar. Party a little. Swim a little. Relax.

Day 13 - Bacalar

Accomodation: Yak lake hostel

Went to the eco camping for some more exclusive swimming, a nice thing to do. Had a nice dinner at the Nao bar. (Sushi)

Day 14 & 15 - Tulum

What? Drive to Tulum & some chilling at the swimming pool.

Accomodation: Aluna Beach hotel
Price: 96 USD
Positive: Beautiful hotel. Luxury.
Negative: A bit expensive & away from the center
Good to know: Rent a bike to get around. The center & the beach are the only two hot spots
Advice: Go out to the cenote Dos Ojos. AMAZING. Or other cenotes nearby. Tulum is very hipster, very American & more luxury. Take this time to rest. It's all touristy up from here.

Day 16 - Playa del Carmen

What? Drive to Playa & walked around.

Accomodation: Beach House hostel
Price: 360 MXN
Positive: Nice relax hostel in the centre
Negative: Breakfast is just a croissant. Nice kitchen for some cooking.
Good to know: You can catch a ultramar to different islands
Advice: Don't go to playa del carmen. Tourist trap. Nothing authentic.

My best advice?

Try to avoid the east coast of Mexico. Touristy and bland. Go straight for the heart of beautiful Mexico.


Top tips for a holiday in Mexico

Top tips for a holiday in Mexico