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Top tips for a holiday in Mexico

Top tips for a holiday in Mexico

Are you thinking of booking a holiday in Mexico? Great idea!

Mexico is a wonderful country to spend a holiday and you will not regret travelling this wonderful country. Want to start planning? Read my top 10 tips for travelling Mexico.

  1. Rent a car (& get a fully covered premium insurance)
    This might be my most fervent suggestion. Although public transport is easy and accessible in Mexico, renting a car gives you unbelievable freedom & makes it easy to stop and stay wherever you like the most. If you are travelling alone it might not be your best option, so find a travel mate!  (And download some offline Google maps on your phone)

  2. Learn some Spanish
    If you leave the touristy places such as Cancun or Tulum you will need some basic Spanish to get around. It makes you able to talk to many more people and if you ever have a run in with the police it is more than necessary to negotiate a little. Some hostels over free Spanish lessons, which can be fun if you stay a little longer!

  3. Go inland
    If you fly into cancun, don’t stay there longer than a day to rest. And after that don’t go down to Playa del Carmen or Tulum first, but go inland and visit Merida or Valladolid. Keep the touristy things to close your vacation, the real Mexico is far from found in Cancun or Tulum.

  4. Eat local
    The best food is always found on street corners on little carts with a hot plate and a sweaty cook behind it. Skip the restaurants and eat the best tortas, tacos, enchiladas and so much more on a plastic plate. Cheap and so yummy.

  5. Take water everywhere you go
    If you don’t believe your mom, take it from me. Hydration is key to travelling in Mexico. Everywhere is sunny, hot and offers spicy food. Also I would recommend bringing insect repellent, sun block, a hat and good walking shoes.

  6. Go off the beaten track
    Don’t book every trip you make with travel agency, just drive up and see what’s what. Local initiatives are always better to support than big and third party bookings. Go out and see what you can find locally. Life is so much more fun when it is a little unpredictable, right?

  7. Enjoy the different types of nature
    When you visit Mexico you will see the nature is wide in variety. From white sandy beaches, to dense jungle and beautifully preserved mangroves. Try to catch as much of the nature as possible on your Mexican trip. If you follow my suggestion and do rent a car, you will drive by so many amazing nature preserves and maybe even see a sign to watch out for monkeys or jaguars.

  8. Try to find some local events to catch
    Mexican people like a good fiesta and it is a great way to get to know their culture. We accidentally stumbled upon a local party in Valladolid and we loved it. Just so much fun to be part of something authentic and traditional.

  9. Get your commercial side on
    As you could read in my ‘A taste of Mexico’ story, Mexican people have made commerce into an art. Get ready to be harassed by a million “Ola Amigo” or a random list of everything they sell “Imánes, toallas, joyería, etc”. We tried to come up with clever answers such as “Somos amigos??”, but really you need to get on board, because that is just the way it is. Always try to haggle down the price or you will lose heaps of money on this trip.

  10. Get some local money on the side
    Always pay in pesos and make sure to have some small pesos on the side in notes of twenties or fifties. This money will come in handy to buy or bribe. This may sound bad, but believe me when I say you will need it. Also don’t carry all your money in one purse, divide your money over several bags and never carry over a 1000 pesos. And if you don’t need to take your mastercard/visa/bank card, leave it at the hostel/hotel.

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