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The perfect Tasty Dinner party!

I love Tasty videos. They are fun, unbelievably easily explained and yummy. So if you ever feel you are not quite up to the upcoming dinner party with your friends or family. Here is my perfect dinner party, using only Tasty videos!

Breakfast indulgence: home made granola

I always struggle keeping my morning sugar free. I blame nutella for my morning desire to eat something sugary. I have tried yoghurt and strawberries, but really that just doesn't do it for me. I need something more. I need some crunch sweet, guilt free granola! And here is my recipe!

Sweet, indulgent samosa's

Another pearl of Indian cuisine is the simple, but oh so tasty samosa. Usually a entree that can be either vegetarian or meaty delight. Today I want to share my recipe for the veggie one.  Quick, easy and delicious.

Top 5 easy recipes

I am nothing if not a food lover, or as they like to call it: a foodie. Almost nothing can beat a great dish, combined with a cool glass of wine in good company.

Grandmother's Apple Pie

On a cold winter day, when you feel the need to snuggle up to a fire, drink some hot chocolate you need something sweet to make the day complete. My German apple pie is just the thing for such an occasion.