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Top 5 easy recipes

Top 5 easy recipes

I am nothing if not a food lover, or as they like to call it: a foodie. Almost nothing can beat a great dish, combined with a cool glass of wine in good company. Or even adding a slice of lemon and some mint to my soda will do the trick for me. So I would like to share my first foodie blog with you and list my 5 of my favourite dishes and how to prepare them. 

1. Fish Masala

Fish masala is an Indian dish that combines the sweetness and richness of ripe tomatoes combined with great Indian spices and a lovely cut of fish. Combine in with a coriander naan and a mango lassie and you will find yourself a piece of heaven.

A recipe from Jamie Oliver does the trick & the best place to eat it in Belgium? For me that's definitely in the World Kitchen in Kessel-lo, near Leuven. 

2. Guacamole (With nachos/Fajita's/Taco's)

Guacamole is the absolute best side dish. You can combine it with nachos, fajitas and taco's. Sometimes I just eat it as a main dish, with a glass of wine. I'll share my recipe with you:

2 whole avocado's
2 tomatoes
1 red onion
A Bessel of coriander
2 limes
Salt & pepper

Hollow  out the two avocado's, remove the pit and squash them on a plate. Cut the tomatoes and the red onion into small dices. Add the juice of the two limes, salt and pepper to taste and cut the coriander and add that to finalise. 

3. Pesto Pizza

I love using pesto on a pizza instead of tomato sauce. I ate it in Yellowstone National Park for the first time - off all places - and after days of noodles on a campfire and beef jerky, it was a slice of heaven of a plate. You can combine it with spinach or artichokes, or some prosciutto and cherry tomatoes. Did I get you on board? Have a look at a great recipe here from 'two peas and a pod' online blog. 

4. Couscous with lemon chicken skewers and tzaziki

This Greek dish is a perfect light lunch and easy to make. If you have a little extra time on your hands, you can let the chicken marinate for more than 45 minutes. I add the couscous, because I am absolutely addicted to it, but you can leave it out. If you do include it, add some olive oil and some spices to make it even more yummy. 

The recipe can be found online on the Recipe Runner blog. Enjoy!!

5. Thai Red Curry with Prawns

Thai curry - light, easy and spicy- the perfect dish to spice up your daily routine. In order to get the dish right, you need to follow the instructions pretty closely - not that I ever do -, because the spice balance is important. 

Want to try it yourself? Have a look at the Vikalinka blog for the recipe. 

Hope you enjoy it! 

Sweet, indulgent samosa's

Sweet, indulgent samosa's

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