Belle D'Avalane

A concept to die for. Avalane is a Belgian company, specialised in freeze-drying flowers. We provide a broad range of natural looking freeze-dried flowers that last a long time and have no seasonal restrictions.

Unwined - Wine bar in Mechelen

Do you live in Mechelen? Or in the ‘hood’? And you are looking for a night out with the friends, (potential) lovers or colleagues? Rent a sitter if you need and unwine with a glass of chardonnay in wine bar ‘Unwined’ in Mechelen. 

Coffee Labs Antwerp

At the top you find a big open plan room divided into corners for bloggers, families, couples and an amazing rooftop terrace. It is rather big and for the moment you can still wander in without reservation.

Sister Bean - Mechelen

If ever you were to visit Mechelen, you have to stop at the Sister Bean on the corner of the Vismarkt in Mechelen. Especially in the weekends when they serve the most delicious brunch menu. This small corner of heaven is filled with the most succulent sweets...

Simplicity can make a statement as well, and so does this simple design by Veritas

Barbóék - Leuven

The Barbóék is a book store/coffee shop in the centre of Leuven, hidden from the shoppers, near for locals. For me there was never a better combination than books and coffee, but Barbóék is more than that. It is a place to breathe, to get lost between pages and find your way to soulful reading, talking or writing.